Concussion Recovery: The Next Chapter

The Belated Happy Ending to my concussion saga! 100%+ recovered and a beautiful road ahead. Here's how I did it ...

The Oregon Trail Stage Race

Will you survive? Maybe you grind the trail or maybe it grinds you ... this is my write up from the first ever 5-day Gravel Stage Race in Oregon.

What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles Taught Me About Letting Go

What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles on a bike helped me learn to appreciate who I am, one mile at a time.

The Training Ride from Hell | Grit & Gravel

Training is where athletes are made and it's not for the faint of heart. It's about grit, especially on gravel.

An Unlikely Transformation: Sprinter to Endurance Gravel Cyclist

Transforming from a Road Sprinter to a Gravel Endurance Rider in less than 9 months can sound impossible. The goal can be achieved and here's the story.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn: True Grit in Gravel Racing

I learned a bit about the true grit in gravel racing. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learned. I learned that what will tear you down the quickest can be your own inner critic.

Adventures of Cycling the C&O Canal Through the GAP

Adventures of cycling the C&O Canal through the GAP - the mission, the gear, lessons learned and the daily rundown of an epic tour!

Notes to Gravel Grinding Newbies

I am learn something new from every gravel expedition and I would like to share some notes to gravel grinding newbies!

The Trifecta of Gravel Races

Preparation, Skill and Luck. Typically, most of us hope for at least two out of three in order to come in ahead of most of the gritty and dusty pack.

How Concussions Have Reshaped My Life

How multiple concussions have reshaped my life. I have a long, careful journey of recovery to complete in order to cross THIS finish line.