An Unlikely Transformation: Sprinter to Endurance Gravel Cyclist

The Rocky Road to Rebecca’s Private Idaho

As 2017 passes like a speeding train and 2018 looms ahead with the bright light of hope: I reflect upon a seriously transformational year as a cyclist. At some point in the Spring of 2017 I realized that there was this event called Rebecca’s Private Idaho. RPI is 100 miles of gravel grinding goodness with 5,299 feet of climbing starting from Ketchum Idaho (elevation 5,853’ above sea level). Having missed the sign up for the Dirty Kanza (Thank God) with its demanding 200 miles of gravel grinding, I was determined to set my sights on something challenging.

I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into.

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Biking and Being Outside the ‘Box’

A Sidebar Story…

This week, thanks to my experiences with getting outside of my comfort zone during the weekend riding a fixed gear track bike with no brakes and surviving; I set my intention to become more accepting and curious with being outside of my ‘box’… to be accepting with being slightly uncomfortable from time to time. Because I believe in Living Intentionally and with self-awareness: I decided to see how I felt and to try things, even small things, which might be different than I am accustomed to. This is a big deal! Most of us humans are creatures of habit and routine by necessity as our brains need a break instead of being in constant semi-fight or flight mode.

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