Adventures of Cycling the C&O Canal Through the GAP

Adventures of cycling the C&O Canal through the GAP - the mission, the gear, lessons learned and the daily rundown of an epic tour!

Off-Season Switch Up

The cycling experts say ‘off-season’ is for consistent training verses an abandonment of strict discipline in favor of late mornings, leisurely base miles, and general enjoyment...well, darn.

Battling the Wind

No, I’m not reminiscing about the occurrences after binge-eating Mexican food. What I'm talking about here is REAL wind... you know the pushy, back-talking, grabby atmospheric stuff that you sometimes encounter during your training ride. The wind that trashes your mph average and leaves you frustrated, sore, and exhausted. Or it can, it depends on … Continue reading Battling the Wind

Off Season Over-Dressing Syndrome (O.SODS)

It has only taken me 8 years to figure out how to not over-dress during the winter. I'm kind of slow at some things apparently. I'm not fond of cold weather: especially of damp, windy, and gloomy bike rides. I'm also incredibly stubborn in my loathing of any sort of trainer work-out. So: I ride … Continue reading Off Season Over-Dressing Syndrome (O.SODS)

Off Season: Are Base Miles Just Bunk?

There’s some discussion bouncing around the internet between whether building slower-pace winter base miles or shorter, harder intensity efforts is the way to go to prepare for race season. Josh Horowitz, coach and trainer, says that Off-Season Training is just a myth. It’s all very interesting and can get technical with discussions of elevating your … Continue reading Off Season: Are Base Miles Just Bunk?