What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles Taught Me About Letting Go

Learning to Appreciate Myself for Who I Am, One Mile at a Time

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal: 3 weeks, 1,000 miles on a bike – across France from St. Malo (north) to Nice (south). It is the trip of a lifetime and scary as heck! Even for a fit cyclist, it’s an unforgettably big deal. Looking back – I’m incredibly glad I signed up, plunked down a fair chunk of savings and saddled up.

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Ode to Donuts

Glazed crinkly warm sweetness and fresh moist dough that melts in your mouth. Iced delicacies of sugared perfection with sprinkles and dainty sweet sparkles. Richly plump delights filled to overflowing with fruit flavors that burst at the first bite. Cinnamon rolled with gooey icing that sticks to everything it touches with cloying sweetness. Daring chocolate confections that hide iced pudding under sugared dough or flaky crunchiness. Reds, cherries, blueberry filling, apple pie tarts, and icing surprises all before me: tempting and tantalizing.

All untouchable.

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The Balancing Act

In between racing and training there is something called ‘A Life’. If you are like me – cycling is my life (sort of), but there is other stuff that requires you do perform a balancing act. You know: that stuff you do to pay the bills so you can buy more cycling gear, so you can ride your bike, so you can race, so you buy more gear… It’s a vicious cycle. If you have loved ones that don’t cycle: they probably agree. Maybe somewhere in all that you need to find time for those people that think you’re crazy and love you anyway.

This article is about trying to find a balance in the craziness.

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