Welcome to VeloFem!

My name is Erin and I’m a retired Cat 3 racer, avid gravel and road cyclist.

I love the sport of cycling and I’m extremely excited to see the number of women cyclists increase each year!

This blog is for competitive women’s cycling and those who ride regularly

I write about training, nutrition, racing, equipment, and the cycling community. More often, I share my experiences with the various cycling events I participate in across the country.

If you are serious about cycling, you’ve landed on the right page. I started this blog because, after much searching, I realized that there simply isn’t a lot of information out there for serious female cyclists. Most of the information you will find on the internet, including diet regimes and training programs, are all focused on men. Women cannot expect to successfully train, ride, and compete the same way a man can. Men and women have different body compositions, strengths, and diet requirements.

So: if you’d like to understand more about what can make you a better cyclist, competitor, and a stronger rider – Read On and Ride Strong!