What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles Taught Me About Letting Go

What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles on a bike helped me learn to appreciate who I am, one mile at a time.

The Deadly Impact of an Impatient Society

As we mourn yet another needless loss of life. The big question is why isn’t there justice? I believe we are seeing the deadly impact of an impatient society.

Elitism in Road Cycling? Nah…

What you might think is elitism might just be necessary. For instance: look at what a local Pro cyclist does on vacation...

Random Road Trip Revelations

Revelations from 3 weeks on the road, camping, with no services in the middle of proverbial nowhere and experiencing little connectivity to the world at large...

Rubber Side Down – Bike Crashes & Lessons Learned

Sharing a few cycling-related accident insights - both past and present, as well as a few lessons learned.

Tips from a Road Trip

A recent cycling road trip afforded me some insights into traveling and touring with a bike, plus a few bits of wisdom about everyday life...

Why Teams are Terrific

You are much more likely to try really hard and do your best if you have encouragement from a support group. In the case of competitive cycling: that certainly means the support of a great team!

Pink Pedal Power! …Or Not?

In general, I like pink. As a color: I wear pink to work, casually, and so forth. I have my fair share of pink hues in my closet and I’m not afraid to use them! However: when it comes to cycling kits I absolutely loathe pink. Here's why...


You can find them at almost every competitive event. They are always looking for you and trying to catch your eye. They hover patiently waiting for just the right moment to pounce. When you are least expecting it: "Bam!" there they are! They are a bit crazy, but the kind we like: they are your friendly cycling event cameramen and women.