Random Road Trip Revelations

After almost 3 weeks of being either in a campsite with limited (or absent) services or being on the road in the middle of proverbial nowhere and experiencing almost no connectivity to the world at large; I’ve had a few self-discoveries, revelations, and words of wisdom to those that are considering road-trip/camping to the far reaches of this Great Country.

  1. I try to get to know people – absolute strangers even! Random folks have stories to tell too…
  2. I’ve become used to ‘no service’ and remember when I used to travel without a cellphone at all.
  3. People are nicer than one might think.
  4. The world isn’t really that big. You can travel over four thousand miles and meet someone that lives less than 5 miles away in your home town.
  5. Chipmunks are evil food ninjas!

    Bryce Canyon NP
  6. I’ve become more tolerant of silly ignorant campers because either they or you will be leaving in a day or so anyway.
  7. The best night’s sleep is when your nose is freezing and you don’t want to leave your sleeping bag.
  8. Plans are really just a guideline and the best thing you can do is live in the moment if you truly want to enjoy yourself.
  9. Washing clothes in a bucket of cold water isn’t that bad.
  10. I don’t actually need to eat as much as I thought I did.
  11. One really can wear the same outfit for a week straight.
  12. Sponge baths or Baby-Wipe baths can become absolutely normal.
  13. Clean feet is a wonderful thing and hard to come by when camping…(dirty feet in a sleeping bag is unpleasant).
  14. Glacier-fed lake water isn’t that cold really (you go numb anyway so you can’t feel it).
  15. I’m not as much of a princess about sleeping on a perfect mattress with a special pillow anymore.
  16. I’ve learned to calculate exactly how long a bag of ice will last in a cooler at ‘X’ temperature…
  17. I’ve also learned how to ride my bike while holding a bag of ice.
  18. You amaze yourself by just how long you can hold your pee so you don’t have to struggle out of your sleeping bag and stumble around in the cold in the middle of the night.
  19. Hanging camping hammocks correctly is a fine art – be careful the first time you sit in one or your arse might be sore later.
  20. Arid air is really only good for drying clothes. Humidity is your friend! (Especially for your skin and sinuses) Stop complaining about how humid it is!
  21. The best lotion defense against excessively dry skin is 100% coconut oil. Problem is: bears like it too.
  22. I’ve met more people from other countries in southern Utah alone than ever before in my life.
  23. Warm coffee in the morning is a must.
  24. Interstates are soul-sucking constructs from hell – avoid them at all costs. Plan extra time in your travels and drive the state by-ways, see things, and enjoy yourself.
  25. Yellowjackets can smell food before you thought about getting it out of the cooler.
  26. There really are places called “Food Deserts”. Nothing around except fast food or chain restaurants. A Foodie’s worse nightmare.
  27. You can actually forget how to type or use a mouse after a month on the road.
  28. I don’t mind going to bed at dark.
  29. Lysol wipes are a campers best friend! They remove food, disinfect, and clean up pine sap!
  30. You want to make friends while camping? Don’t be that guy that shows up late and bangs around or gets up early and slams all the car doors a dozen times. Just saying.
  31. That tuna fish that you thought would be a good idea to bring on your camping trip? It is actually a bear magnet.
  32. The STARS. Photos don’t do the night sky justice.
  33. There is NO substitute for experiencing the amazing places of the world in person. No amount of ‘Google Earth’ will replace BEING THERE.

    Scenic Drive, Capitol Reef NP
  34. State Park bathrooms make you appreciate just how clean and wonderful our National Parks facilities are.
  35. You might find the best coffee shops literally in the middle of absolute nowhere.
  36. I’ve learned that I don’t need as much ‘stuff’ around me to be content and well.
  37. I missed hot sandwiches… but a burger cooked on the grill while camping could be the best thing ever.
  38. I found out a lot about our Country and Texas that I didn’t know.
  39. One of the most valuable things you can bring camping is a good book.
  40. The hardest thing about being gone 3 weeks on a road trip is coming back.

This Country has some amazing, stunning, and wonderful places to visit. We are genuinely blessed to have such unique national treasures. You can say that you’ll go ‘some day’ or when you can ‘afford’ it… Trust me, don’t make excuses – just GO. It’s more affordable than you think and the last thing you want to say when you are older is “I wish I had …”

Get Out There.

Grand Teton NP, Wyoming @ Jackson Lake