Why Competition is Good for You

I have cycling friends that race for other teams and I think that friendly competition is good for you! Imagine how boring it would all be if we showed up on the same team?

Why Teams are Terrific

You are much more likely to try really hard and do your best if you have encouragement from a support group. In the case of competitive cycling: that certainly means the support of a great team!

Bike Bonding: Clean Yo’ Steed!

There are those who prefer not to do anything but ride their two-wheeled freedom machine for various reasons… these folks are missing out on an important part of bike bonding.

Pink Pedal Power! …Or Not?

In general, I like pink. As a color: I wear pink to work, casually, and so forth. I have my fair share of pink hues in my closet and I’m not afraid to use them! However: when it comes to cycling kits I absolutely loathe pink. Here's why...

H-Town Cycling Chics Rock!

This article is for you ladies that believe in pedal power and pushing the limits! After all: Houston may just have the very best group of local competitive cycling chics, ever. Other areas in this great state of Texas don't necessarily enjoy the same comradery in ladies competitive cycling.

Roads Less Traveled | Fixed Gear, No Brakes

Ride somewhere new to find out when the roads less traveled will take us. It was in the spirit of adventure that I tried out something that I haven’t tried yet: Track Cycling: and here's my take on the first time on fixed - no brakes.

Biking and Being Outside the ‘Box’

This week, thanks to my experiences with getting outside of my comfort zone during the weekend riding a fixed gear track bike with no brakes and surviving; I set my intention to become more accepting and curious with being outside of my ‘box’... to be accepting with being slightly uncomfortable from time to time: and this is what happened...

Cycling Chics are Not Boys with Boobs

You would think that it's obvious - women are not physically the same as men. However, during my cycling career I have noticed an appalling lack of female-focused training programs, diet plans, competitive athlete information, or even decent saddles. For example: my favorite saddle originated from the need to protect a man's reproductive bits. Not … Continue reading Cycling Chics are Not Boys with Boobs