Ode to Donuts

Donuts: tempting yet so far out of my reach! I can be strong on the bike, but I'm weak for a donut.

The Keys to Competing in your 40’s

Let’s explore how women can compete later life (whatever ‘later’ means) and how you can do it too!

Sweaty Betty: Cycling in Summer

Sweat is gross but key to summer cycling survival. What do cyclists need to replenish lost minerals after a sweaty ride?

Top Tips to Prep for a Race

Even as unstructured as I tend to be in regards to race training, there are a few things that I do my best to adhere to when it comes to the days before a competitive event.

Cycling Nutrition Basics: Eat Cake!

I think it's totally appropriate for me to write about cycling nutrition having just eaten the better part of a piece of cheesecake after dinner. Heck, if that was the nutrition plan everyone would sign up! I'd be rich ... and fat - very, very fat. Here's some basic tips for good diet to enhance your athletic performance.

Bites on the Bike #1: Scooby Snacks!

I have a suspicion that Scooby and Shaggy had more in those snacks than I, as a 6-yr old, could have imagined. Regardless: you rest assured that my recipe for 'Scooby Snacks' are legal in all states and contain no controlled substances. Now that we've got that disclaimer out of the way... Let's talk FOOD. … Continue reading Bites on the Bike #1: Scooby Snacks!

Coffee & Cycling: The Dynamic Duo

Cycling and coffee, like Forrest Gump said: “go together like peas and carrots”. There’s a time-honored tradition of caffeine swilling in the long history of the bicycle, and it’s just as prevalent today. Actually: some may not consider you a ‘true’ cyclist if you don’t drink coffee! I’m sure there is something in the Velominati … Continue reading Coffee & Cycling: The Dynamic Duo

Fat is Faster

Well, sort of... This is a topic of much contention between myself and my fellow male competitive cyclist. Most men become quicker on a bike when they reach 'race weight' - which is around 10% body fat. This makes sense, right? Worked for Froome in 2015 Tour de France after all...    It's all about … Continue reading Fat is Faster