Size Does Matter | Watts & Speed

Sorry guys - size does matter. At least, when it comes to wattage output vs. speed.

Cycling Nutrition Basics: Eat Cake!

I think it's totally appropriate for me to write about cycling nutrition having just eaten the better part of a piece of cheesecake after dinner. Heck, if that was the nutrition plan everyone would sign up! I'd be rich ... and fat - very, very fat. Here's some basic tips for good diet to enhance your athletic performance.

Fat is Faster

Well, sort of... This is a topic of much contention between myself and my fellow male competitive cyclist. Most men become quicker on a bike when they reach 'race weight' - which is around 10% body fat. This makes sense, right? Worked for Froome in 2015 Tour de France after all...    It's all about … Continue reading Fat is Faster