Size Does Matter | Watts & Speed

Sorry guys – size does matter. At least, when it comes to wattage output vs. speed. This may be obvious to some cyclist, but to others, fully understanding power output and metrics is new-ish. What’s truly ironic is that I, the anti-electronic nut, am writing an article about all this. Stranger things do happen. Don’t have high expectations of seeing any technical jargon as you read further…

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Cycling Nutrition Basics: Eat Cake!

I think it’s totally appropriate for me to write about cycling nutrition having just eaten the better part of a piece of cheesecake after dinner. Heck, if that was the nutrition plan everyone would sign up! I’d be rich … and fat – very, very fat.

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Fat is Faster

Well, sort of…

This is a topic of much contention between myself and my fellow male competitive cyclist. Most men become quicker on a bike when they reach ‘race weight’ – which is around 10% body fat. This makes sense, right? Worked for Froome in 2015 Tour de France after all…



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