Off-Season Switch Up

To the disappointment of many and the exhilaration of a few hard-riding fools – the debate about whether or not to go ‘off-season’ is continuously leaning towards consistent training verses an abandonment of strict discipline in favor of late mornings, leisurely base miles, and general enjoyment. It has historically been a time when a racer pulled out the old winter bike, enjoyed a comfortable coffee with mates, and generally didn’t focus much on a training regime.

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Yoga & Cycling Benefits

No, we don’t yoga and cycle at the same time unless you are really talented. Regardless, cross training on and off the bike is excellent for your athletic well-being, but too much and the wrong kind can hurt your competitive cycling edge. The key here is understanding (a) your body and (b) what workouts are best to help, not hinder, your cycling performance.

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