Pedaling Perspective

Today I got a reality check. Or maybe it was just a reminder. A reminder that not every day on a bike do you perform your best. As soon as this sinks into your brain while you are churning along that little voice in your head that acts as your ‘inner critic’ wakes up. (I really can’t stand that little voice.) For me: it chimes in and starts telling me how I’m not good enough, I should train harder, eat less, or just give up ‘cause I suck. Maybe it tells you that you will never be where you want to be, even if you try. You might get mad at it and push harder, but a bad day on the bike is a bad day – pushing a struggling body won’t make it better.

MISERYSo, you suck (you think) and the little voice keeps yakking away telling you how awful you are and what could be a beautiful ride turns sour. You might feel sorry for yourself, feel grumpy, or just want to get off the bike. Yep, your inner critic is eroding your confidence and taking the joy out of your day. It’s called ‘defeatism’. It’s ego talking and if you aren’t feeling like King of the Mountain and you happen to be a competitive spirit (and a perfectionist like me) – it’s hard to take the ‘bad day’ with grace… unless you have the right perspective.

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