Elitism in Road Cycling? Nah…

What you might think is elitism might just be necessary. For instance: look at what a local Pro cyclist does on vacation...

A Summer Solo Ride: Climbing Day

One summer day and one goal in mind - a solo ride story.

Tips from a Road Trip

A recent cycling road trip afforded me some insights into traveling and touring with a bike, plus a few bits of wisdom about everyday life...

So: You Think You Suck

We've all been there... You are riding strong, feeling great, racing well, and then: BAM! Something happens, life gets in the way, or whatever - and you feel like you have to fight your way back.

Just Ride Your Bike

Contrary to the popular norm, I ride my bike completely without electronics. This shocking state of affairs is the product of a happy accident - much like most genuine breakthroughs in mankind's history... Only much, much less significant. I tend to raise eyebrows on the rare occasions when I ask: "How many miles have we done?" Or, to the bewilderment of all - I have no idea what my mph average is; I just ride my bike.