What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles Taught Me About Letting Go

What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles on a bike helped me learn to appreciate who I am, one mile at a time.

Notes to Gravel Grinding Newbies

I am learn something new from every gravel expedition and I would like to share some notes to gravel grinding newbies!

How Concussions Have Reshaped My Life

How multiple concussions have reshaped my life. I have a long, careful journey of recovery to complete in order to cross THIS finish line.

Zone 3… What’s Zone 3??

What's Zone 3??...I asked one day. Learn some useful insights into what the Zones are, why each are important, and why I asked such a silly question to start with...

Rubber Side Down – Bike Crashes & Lessons Learned

Sharing a few cycling-related accident insights - both past and present, as well as a few lessons learned.