The Deadly Impact of an Impatient Society

As we mourn yet another needless loss of life. The big question is why isn’t there justice? I believe we are seeing the deadly impact of an impatient society.

That’s a Wrap, 2016 – What’s Up for 2017?

Here's some of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of 2016 - and a little bit of what's to come.

H-Town Cycling Chics Rock!

This article is for you ladies that believe in pedal power and pushing the limits! After all: Houston may just have the very best group of local competitive cycling chics, ever. Other areas in this great state of Texas don't necessarily enjoy the same comradery in ladies competitive cycling.

Cycling Community Gives Back

Last night a friend, staunch supporter, avid race volunteer, and all-around good guy was severely injured during a local race. Chuck has been there when he didn't have to... and today, our cycling community is there for him.

Cycling Chics are Not Boys with Boobs

You would think that it's obvious - women are not physically the same as men. However, during my cycling career I have noticed an appalling lack of female-focused training programs, diet plans, competitive athlete information, or even decent saddles. For example: my favorite saddle originated from the need to protect a man's reproductive bits. Not … Continue reading Cycling Chics are Not Boys with Boobs