Cycling Community Gives Back

Based on the events of last night and today, I rescheduled my original afternoon post and find myself at my keyboard in awe of what an amazing cycling community we are so fortunate to have in Houston, TX – and beyond. I am both stunned at the news that has found me here and almost in tears at the out-pouring of kindness from our cycling friends. This day and this community reminds me why I love cycling and why I’ve always felt that my cycling friends are some of the best people alive.

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Photo Cred: Steve Buser

Last night a friend, staunch supporter, avid race volunteer, and all-around good guy was severely injured during a local race. This news hits hard with deep sadness because we all know and appreciate our cycling buddy, Chuck. We all can empathize with the pain of injury and the almost interminable amount of time it takes to recover (or so it feels like). We are all concerned about his recovery and want the best for him. This is also a fresh reminder of how dangerous the sport of cycling can be.

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Photo Cred: Kenny Lim Photography

Chuck has volunteered quite a bit of his time and energy to the advancement of the cycling community and competitive cycling events. In particular for me – he has been a huge cheerleader for women’s racing and cycling competition. Chuck was one of the first people to share my very opening post on; encouraging others to check out what I’m doing to see if it can add value to other cyclists. He certainly didn’t have to do that but I know that he truly cares. I also can remember how many times he’s cheered from the sidelines during ladies events and given us positive heckling. Chuck has been there when he didn’t have to… and today, our cycling community is there for him.

Thanks to a thoughtful friend: a GOFUNDME account was created to help cover the medical bills that are sure to be costly. Within a matter of hours – over half of the money has been raised and there is more coming in. It’s a beautiful thing to see the powers of a true community at work to help out one of our own! Even as I write this, almost a $1,000 has been added to the amount! I’m in awe and truly thankful to be a part of one of the best cycling communities in the world! ♥

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It’s early days to say how Chuck’s recovery will be – we all are praying for the very best, most painless, and speedy full recovery there can be. Thank you Chuck for all the support you have given the cycling community: this is our chance to give back to you. All the best buddy, all the best! Our thoughts are with you!

…. I really don’t know what else to say, but I think that’s enough. Bless each one of you for donating.

*Headline photo credit to Corvin Alstot. Normally, I wouldn’t borrow pictures – but for this I did. Thank you Kenny, Corvin, and Steve!

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