Concussion Recovery: The Next Chapter

The Belated Happy Ending to my concussion saga! 100%+ recovered and a beautiful road ahead. Here's how I did it ...

What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles Taught Me About Letting Go

What 3 Weeks and 1,000 Miles on a bike helped me learn to appreciate who I am, one mile at a time.

How Concussions Have Reshaped My Life

How multiple concussions have reshaped my life. I have a long, careful journey of recovery to complete in order to cross THIS finish line.

Strength in Struggling

One day I woke up and realized that I had become what is known in the cycling world as a ‘Sprinter’. “Surprise!” Did the magic cycle fairy visit me the night before and sprinkle ‘sprint dust’ on my quads? No, sorry to dampen any dreams there. This did not occur by focused design or conscious training on my part either. By the time it dawned upon me that I had unintentionally achieved something quite good – I then had to figure out how it happened.

Biking and Being Outside the ‘Box’

This week, thanks to my experiences with getting outside of my comfort zone during the weekend riding a fixed gear track bike with no brakes and surviving; I set my intention to become more accepting and curious with being outside of my ‘box’... to be accepting with being slightly uncomfortable from time to time: and this is what happened...

Cycling Chics are Not Boys with Boobs

You would think that it's obvious - women are not physically the same as men. However, during my cycling career I have noticed an appalling lack of female-focused training programs, diet plans, competitive athlete information, or even decent saddles. For example: my favorite saddle originated from the need to protect a man's reproductive bits. Not … Continue reading Cycling Chics are Not Boys with Boobs