Surviving Stage Races

I have successfully avoided ‘Stage Races’ and ‘Omniums’ for my entire racing career – until recently when I signed up to compete in Local Bike Racing’s Sealy Stage Race. I am chalking up my recent oversight to a memory relapse… after all I am racing in the 40+ category these days. Regardless of my historical reservations and fears concerning performance: I learned a lot about surviving Stage Races and actually did surprisingly well!

With that being said: I’ll share what I figured out.

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Race Day Tips

The big day is here! The day you’ve been training for, waiting for, and focused on… ok: maybe that’s over-dramatizing. Regardless, any competitive event comes with a certain amount of nervousness and proper preparation is vital. I will be the first to admit that I’m not extremely focused on ‘race day’ training per se. It sounds too much like work.

I train for life. A life of full of cycling. Because I love to ride, racing is like icing on the cake and it must be enjoyable (as much as anyone can enjoy slamming your legs to the limit). In order to ensure that I enjoy racing, I try to apply a bit of ‘smarts’ when it comes making sure I’m fit for a competitive event. If you haven’t read my blog on Top Tips to Prep for a Race – please do so… it’s “Step 1” in all this!

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Top Tips to Prep for a Race

Even as unstructured as I tend to be in regards to race training, there are a few things that I do my best to adhere to when it comes to the days before a competitive event. I do not ride with a heart-rate monitor yakking at me or a Garmin to tell me where to go (unless I’m in unknown territory), or a power meter to let me know all sorts of electronic goodies. I’m a bit old-fashioned and I don’t have a coach telling me when I should do what. Anything on a bike has to be fun, including training and racing… and this subject is a whole other blog waiting to happen.

Regardless of my unconventional approach: there are some common sense guidelines to make sure I have a good chance of performing at my best and enjoying myself.

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