How Concussions Have Reshaped My Life

Criterium racing has always been a favorite of mine in the world of competitive cycling. The speed, the adrenaline and the social atmosphere appeals to me. I love sprinting and I love spending time with my fellow cycling peeps. However: there’s an uncertain side to competitive cycling. The darker side of injury. Multiple concussions have reshaped my life. Even eight months after a significant concussion I have to admit that I’m not sure I will ever be the same again.

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The Road of Recovery

A friend and teammate requested an article on recovery and how to deal with the mental anguish of being off of the bike, trying to recover, and feeling stuck. While articles on racing, nutrition, and performance are awesome: perhaps the hardest part of being an athlete is when you can’t

It goes without saying that if you cycle frequently there will come a time in your life when you want almost nothing more than to be able to ride your bike like you used to before ____ happened. The blank could be an injury, an illness, or maybe it’s just life getting in the way. Regardless of the reason: recovery and time out of the sport or activities we love is painful for more than one reason.

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