H-Town Cycling Chics Rock!

H-Town Bikin’ Babes! This article is for you ladies that believe in pedal power and pushing the limits! After all: Houston may just have the very best group of local competitive cycling chics, ever. To some: Houston might be a ‘pit’, but it’s a damn cool place for a ‘Hellhole’ (to quote Jeff Blake: thanks for the article!). Other areas in this great state of Texas don’t necessarily enjoy the same comradery in ladies competitive cycling. I’m not just saying that because I live here either. I’m saying that because it true – but it wasn’t always that way.

Sealy silliness d1You see, years ago there was a bit of elitist snobbery and cattiness going on amongst female racers in my fair city. It was understandably discouraging for those racing as either independents, lone rangers on their team (I was the only female), and especially NEW RACERS. Like it or not, every single one of us owe our ‘status’ and our rankings to everyone else we have raced with. Think about it: if you show up to race at an event and there are less than 5 people in your category – you don’t get any points to Cat up. If there are less than 5 people total: no one gets any points.

What’s the point?

Point is; you OWE your current rankings to every other female competitor at your event! If you see your event numbers dwindling and less new female racers trying to compete because you ALLOWED your fellow teammates or competitors to be bullies – you have only yourself to blame. This is what happened in my home town year ago and THIS is what we are trying very hard to correct.

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photo: Creative Cycle

Thanks in part to the upswing of local ladies cycling encouraged by Local Bike Racing and the focus of Haute Wheels being a women’s empowerment and ladies development race team: we have introduced a new synergy in the competitive cycling world that promises a bright future. I am so proud and very humbled to be a part of this. As race director of Haute Wheels: we go out of our way to do what we can to encourage and support other female racers. I cannot tell you how much it makes my heart sing to experience the laughter, jokes, and silliness that we share between teams, friends, or even newcomers – before as well as after a race!

I mean, come on: where else can you have a potential competitor re-pin a flappy number or get a slap on the rear before a race … just to lighten things up.

We support one another: that’s the real difference here. Genuine encouragement of our fellow ladies in a sport that has been under-funded and over-looked for too long. We are developing a strong ladies cycling community and bringing a friendly atmosphere back to Houston! Yes, we compete – but we do so cleanly. No shoving, no back-talking, and no cattiness. If you want that: go somewhere else. Unnecessary rude behavior is not welcome here.

Let’s face it: this sport is too hard and thankless if it’s not fun. So HAVE FUN and enjoy racing with your fellow female competitors. We love it here – you should too!

Give it your Best and See you on the Bike!