You can find them at almost every competitive event. They are always looking for you and trying to catch your eye. They hover patiently waiting for just the right moment to pounce. When you are least expecting it: "Bam!" there they are! They are a bit crazy, but the kind we like: they are your friendly cycling event cameramen and women.

H-Town Cycling Chics Rock!

This article is for you ladies that believe in pedal power and pushing the limits! After all: Houston may just have the very best group of local competitive cycling chics, ever. Other areas in this great state of Texas don't necessarily enjoy the same comradery in ladies competitive cycling.

Just Ride Your Bike

Contrary to the popular norm, I ride my bike completely without electronics. This shocking state of affairs is the product of a happy accident - much like most genuine breakthroughs in mankind's history... Only much, much less significant. I tend to raise eyebrows on the rare occasions when I ask: "How many miles have we done?" Or, to the bewilderment of all - I have no idea what my mph average is; I just ride my bike.

The Balancing Act

If you are like me - cycling is my life (sort of), but there is other stuff that requires you do perform a balancing act. You know: that stuff you do to pay the bills so you can buy more cycling gear, so you can ride your bike, so you can race... It's a vicious cycle. This article is about trying to find a balance in it all...

The Road of Recovery

A friend and teammate requested an article on recovery and how to deal with the mental anguish of being off of the bike, trying to recover, and feeling stuck. While articles on racing, nutrition, and performance are awesome: perhaps the hardest part of being an athlete is when you can't...

Cycling Community Gives Back

Last night a friend, staunch supporter, avid race volunteer, and all-around good guy was severely injured during a local race. Chuck has been there when he didn't have to... and today, our cycling community is there for him.

Biking and Being Outside the ‘Box’

This week, thanks to my experiences with getting outside of my comfort zone during the weekend riding a fixed gear track bike with no brakes and surviving; I set my intention to become more accepting and curious with being outside of my ‘box’... to be accepting with being slightly uncomfortable from time to time: and this is what happened...