Ode to Donuts

Donuts: tempting yet so far out of my reach! I can be strong on the bike, but I'm weak for a donut.

Endangered: Group Training Rides

Many group training rides have dissolved into chaos. Is the group training ride endangered?

The Deadly Impact of an Impatient Society

As we mourn yet another needless loss of life. The big question is why isn’t there justice? I believe we are seeing the deadly impact of an impatient society.

It’s Race Season! Wait, Already?

Starting road race season the first weekend in January last year seemed like such a great idea ... so what happened?

That’s a Wrap, 2016 – What’s Up for 2017?

Here's some of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of 2016 - and a little bit of what's to come.

Zone 3… What’s Zone 3??

What's Zone 3??...I asked one day. Learn some useful insights into what the Zones are, why each are important, and why I asked such a silly question to start with...

Elitism in Road Cycling? Nah…

What you might think is elitism might just be necessary. For instance: look at what a local Pro cyclist does on vacation...

The Balance Between Riding And Resting

RESTING is when the body repairs and builds muscle: not in the middle of a workout. This concept took many, many years to finally sink in to my thick skull.

Off-Season Switch Up

The cycling experts say ‘off-season’ is for consistent training verses an abandonment of strict discipline in favor of late mornings, leisurely base miles, and general enjoyment...well, darn.

The Keys to Competing in your 40’s

Let’s explore how women can compete later life (whatever ‘later’ means) and how you can do it too!