Tips from a Road Trip

A mysterious thing happens after about a week and a half on vacation… you finally begin to truly relax! Since I was extremely fortunate to squeeze two whole weeks of bike vacation fun into a family road trip – it has afforded me some insights into traveling and touring with a bike, plus a few bits of wisdom about everyday life. Some are particularly important if you happen to be touring with someone else, as I did (with my hubby). A few can help you after you get back to the rat-race…

In no particular order, are a few Tips from my Road Trip:

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Biking with your Beloved

If you are one of those folks that has a cycling enthusiast for a significant other; this article is for you! As my husband and I met through our mutual love of cycling. Of course we ride as often as we can, when not doing stuff to pay bills and afford more bikes (N+1×2).

Cycling can get expensive when there is two of you – just FYI.

2 bikes in bedAnother consideration when you bike with your beloved is your cycling compatibility. This can be crucial to a harmonious relationship. Some seriously nasty fights have begun because of a partner’s insensitivity or obliviousness to the other’s needs on a ride. Cycling can be a dangerous sport and especially when I’m low on sugar and high in miles when my Hubby decides to up the tempo. So, it’s important to understand one another’s needs so that you can be there to support one another.

There are Pro’s and Con’s to cycling with your Hunny.

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Rules of Country Riding

Normally I write articles from a competitive cycling point of view (more or less), but this article is applicable regardless if you race or not. As a matter of fact – maybe it’s especially applicable for those who are competitive cyclists. I have found that, even though one might be brave enough to pin a number on and rub elbows in a sprint … it doesn’t mean that one is completely aware of a few foundational rules of the road, so to speak.

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Bike Bonding: Clean Yo’ Steed!

There are those who prefer not to do anything but ride their two-wheeled freedom machine for various reasons… Perhaps they don’t feel qualified to clean, lube, check the chain, wipe down the bike, clean the brakes, and so forth. Maybe there’s a significant other that excels at that sort of stuff. Or, perhaps they don’t like to get dirty – whatever it is: these folks are missing out on an important part of bike bonding.

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The Road of Recovery

A friend and teammate requested an article on recovery and how to deal with the mental anguish of being off of the bike, trying to recover, and feeling stuck. While articles on racing, nutrition, and performance are awesome: perhaps the hardest part of being an athlete is when you can’t

It goes without saying that if you cycle frequently there will come a time in your life when you want almost nothing more than to be able to ride your bike like you used to before ____ happened. The blank could be an injury, an illness, or maybe it’s just life getting in the way. Regardless of the reason: recovery and time out of the sport or activities we love is painful for more than one reason.

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Pedaling Perspective

Today I got a reality check. Or maybe it was just a reminder. A reminder that not every day on a bike do you perform your best. As soon as this sinks into your brain while you are churning along that little voice in your head that acts as your ‘inner critic’ wakes up. (I really can’t stand that little voice.) For me: it chimes in and starts telling me how I’m not good enough, I should train harder, eat less, or just give up ‘cause I suck. Maybe it tells you that you will never be where you want to be, even if you try. You might get mad at it and push harder, but a bad day on the bike is a bad day – pushing a struggling body won’t make it better.

MISERYSo, you suck (you think) and the little voice keeps yakking away telling you how awful you are and what could be a beautiful ride turns sour. You might feel sorry for yourself, feel grumpy, or just want to get off the bike. Yep, your inner critic is eroding your confidence and taking the joy out of your day. It’s called ‘defeatism’. It’s ego talking and if you aren’t feeling like King of the Mountain and you happen to be a competitive spirit (and a perfectionist like me) – it’s hard to take the ‘bad day’ with grace… unless you have the right perspective.

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