The Practical Side of a Bike Vacation

There’s nothing quite like a bike vacation and here's a few tips to alleviate the stress of how to get your bike where you are going...

Random Road Trip Revelations

Revelations from 3 weeks on the road, camping, with no services in the middle of proverbial nowhere and experiencing little connectivity to the world at large...

Rubber Side Down – Bike Crashes & Lessons Learned

Sharing a few cycling-related accident insights - both past and present, as well as a few lessons learned.

Sweaty Betty: Cycling in Summer

Sweat is gross but key to summer cycling survival. What do cyclists need to replenish lost minerals after a sweaty ride?

Tips from a Road Trip

A recent cycling road trip afforded me some insights into traveling and touring with a bike, plus a few bits of wisdom about everyday life...

Why Competition is Good for You

I have cycling friends that race for other teams and I think that friendly competition is good for you! Imagine how boring it would all be if we showed up on the same team?

Biking with your Beloved

If you are one of those folks that has a cycling enthusiast for a significant other; this article is for you!

Why Teams are Terrific

You are much more likely to try really hard and do your best if you have encouragement from a support group. In the case of competitive cycling: that certainly means the support of a great team!

So: You Think You Suck

We've all been there... You are riding strong, feeling great, racing well, and then: BAM! Something happens, life gets in the way, or whatever - and you feel like you have to fight your way back.